Prettify YAML

This YAML prettifier rewrites ugly YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) files to beautiful YAML files.

  1. Sort keys: This option allows you to sort the keys in your YAML document alphabetically. It can make the YAML file easier to read and manage, especially when you have a large number of keys.
  2. Indent size: This refers to the size of the indentation that will be used when formatting the YAML file. Indentation is important in YAML as it indicates the hierarchical structure of the data. A typical indentation size is two spaces, but this can be adjusted based on formatting preferences.

By copying and pasting your raw YAML code into this tool, you will get a formatted version of your YAML code with keys sorted and indentation correctly applied, making the YAML document more readable and organized. However, in your case, the raw content seems to be "null", which means you haven't entered any data yet.

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