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LinkedIn Company Scraper API is your gateway to vital business insights!
August 14, 2023
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The LinkedIn Company Scraper API is a cutting-edge tool designed to efficiently extract detailed information about businesses listed on LinkedIn. It offers tailored access to real-time data, including industry insights, company profiles, and much more. With robust compliance features and easy integration, it’s a valuable asset for sales, marketing, recruitment, and market research.

Advantages and Benefits:

  1. Efficiency and Automation: The API allows quick and automated access to a large volume of company data, saving time and manual effort.
  2. Real-Time Insights: It enables real-time analysis of market trends, competition, and industry insights.
  3. Customized Data Retrieval: Users can tailor requests to get specific information, such as company size, industry, location, key personnel, etc.
  4. Lead Generation: Facilitates the process of identifying potential clients or business partners.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Assuming the API follows legal requirements and respects user privacy, it can provide ethical means of data collection.
  6. Integration with Other Tools: Easy integration with CRM systems, marketing tools, or other business applications.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Analyzing competitors' online presence and activity.
  8. Job Market Analysis: Scrutinizing the job market within specific sectors or regions.

Use Cases:

  1. Sales and Marketing: Identifying leads and opportunities for new business.
  2. Market Research Firms: Understanding industry trends and competitive landscape.
  3. Recruitment Agencies: Analyzing job postings and company hiring trends.
  4. Investors and Analysts: Assessing company performance, potential, and market positioning.
  5. Academic Research: Gathering data for studies related to business, economics, or social sciences.



x-api-key required


Parameter defines the Piloterr private key to use.




Linkedin Company URL or username of the target company like `airbusgroup`, ``

Example Request
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>' \
{ "company_id": 2734, "company_url": "", "company_name": "Airbus", "logo_url": "", "website": "", "specialities": [ "Aerospace", "Defence", "Space", "Innovation", "Cyber Security", "IT", "Engineering" ], "industry": "Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing", "tagline": "We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.", "description": "Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2020, it generated revenues of €49.9 billion and employed a workforce of around 130,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.\n\nAirbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry and a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. We believe that it’s not just what we make, but how we make it that counts; promoting responsible, sustainable and inclusive business practices and acting with integrity. Our people work with passion and determination to make the world a more connected, safer and smarter place, on the ground, in the sky and in space.\n\n[RECRUITMENT FRAUD]\nIt has come to our attention that unauthorized individuals used the Airbus’ name and logos, to create false job opportunities on LinkedIn and other job portals to collect personal data from candidates applying for these positions. The contact details are used to send emails to solicit up-front fees for fake job interviews from interested individuals. Airbus is unable to reimburse any fees paid.\nAirbus does not control any third-party websites and platforms, and makes no warranty or representation regarding, and is not responsible for, any third-party websites or platform or the content related to these. \n\nWe advise our audience to be vigilant about these recruitment scam activities and are currently raising awareness on all our official platforms. Please note that Airbus will never ask for payment for an interview. If you have any questions or doubt about the authenticity of an email, please contact", "founded": 2014, "staff_range": "over-10k", "staff_count": 66509, "follower_count": 1919190, "headquarter": { "line1": "BP 90112", "city": "Blagnac Cedex", "postal_code": "31703", "geographic_area": null, "country_code": "FR" }, "associated_hashtags": [ "airbusfaces", "weareairbus", "wemakeitfly" ], "showcase_companies": [ { "company_id": 1242225, "company_name": "Airbus Defence and Space", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 77574539, "company_name": "Airbus Atlantic", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 64658171, "company_name": "Skywise", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 7312, "company_name": "Airbus Helicopters", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 3211, "company_name": "Airbus Aircraft", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 13975888, "company_name": "Airbus Scale", "company_url": "" } ], "similar_companies": [ { "company_id": 1384, "company_name": "Boeing", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 1242225, "company_name": "Airbus Defence and Space", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 3871, "company_name": "Rolls-Royce", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 521777, "company_name": "Safran", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 1319, "company_name": "Lockheed Martin", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 7312, "company_name": "Airbus Helicopters", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 1951, "company_name": "Thales", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 570550, "company_name": "GE Aerospace", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 2723, "company_name": "BOMBARDIER", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 11695727, "company_name": "Collins Aerospace", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 30846, "company_name": "SpaceX", "company_url": "" }, { "company_id": 15564, "company_name": "Tesla", "company_url": "" } ], "is_auto_generated": false
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