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November 18, 2023
k requests


x-api-key required


Parameter defines the Piloterr private key to use.




The keyword to search for.



Experience level to filter by. Possible values are `internship`, `entry_level`, `associate`, `mid_senior`, `director`.



Job type to filter by. Possible values are `full_time`, `part_time`, `contract`, `temporary`, `internship`, `volunteer`.

Example Request
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>' \
[ { "id": 3462894947, "title": "Global Communications Coordinator", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-08T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3642793314, "title": "Content Quality Analyst, TikTok LIVE", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-06-27T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles Metropolitan Area" }, { "id": 3610874563, "title": "Content Quality Analyst, TikTok LIVE", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-21T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3626033270, "title": "Social Content Creator, Global Business Marketing", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-16T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3656696024, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Marketplace Operation", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-06T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3661032535, "title": "Business Analyst - Commerce", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-14T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "San Jose, CA" }, { "id": 3658244946, "title": "Talent Acquisition Partner - Global E-commerce(Product) - Los Angeles", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-07T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3656690866, "title": "Content Marketing and Operations Manager", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-06T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3649015521, "title": "TikTok Creative Specialist Intern (TikTok Monetization Product) - 2023 Summer-Fall (BS/MS)", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-19T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3592056820, "title": "TikTok E-Commerce - Category Manager - Fashion", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3642148174, "title": "Sales Operations Associate", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-06-27T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York City Metropolitan Area" }, { "id": 3589425594, "title": "Talent Acquisition Partner - TikTok - Seattle", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-10T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Seattle, WA" }, { "id": 3653531407, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Buyer operation", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-24T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3674168396, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Campaign Marketing Operations", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-24T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3599618027, "title": "Strategy & Analytics Associate, Commerce", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3578974300, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Special Projects Analyst", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3599614439, "title": "TikTok E-Commerce - Category Manager - Fashion", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3573531114, "title": "Help Center Content Specialist", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-08T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3651410295, "title": "Business Analyst - Creator Management & Lifecycle", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-21T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3589446208, "title": "Logistics Service and Experience", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-08T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3599618028, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Category Manager - Beauty", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "New York, United States" }, { "id": 3656689860, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Marketplace Operation", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-06T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }, { "id": 3592063052, "title": "Data Analyst - Tiktok Ads", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Mountain View, CA" }, { "id": 3592060249, "title": "Data Analyst - Tiktok Ads", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-09T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Seattle, WA" }, { "id": 3651409533, "title": "TikTok Commerce - Campaign Marketing Operations", "url": "", "list_date": "2023-07-21T00:00:00", "company_name": "TikTok", "company_url": "", "location": "Los Angeles, CA" }
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