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Unearth the Power of Google Search - One API Call at a Time. Stay Ahead, Stay Informed.
August 15, 2023
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Our API offers a robust solution for scraping Google Search results, allowing users to extract valuable data, insights, and trends with precision and efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, our service ensures you get the most relevant data, straight from the world's most popular search engine.

Advantages & Benefits:

  1. Up-to-date Data Retrieval: Get real-time data from Google Search to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Monitor your competitors' online presence and ranking on search results.
  3. SEO Optimization: Understand which keywords are trending and how your content ranks against competitors.
  4. Market Research: Identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry shifts.
  5. Content Strategy Development: Tailor your content based on what's currently trending or filling gaps in the market.
  6. Automation & Efficiency: Eliminate manual searches and data extraction by automating the process.
  7. Customizable Queries: Define your search parameters to extract the most relevant data for your needs.
  8. Reliable & Scalable: Built for both startups and enterprises, our service scales as you grow.
  9. Cost-Effective: Save on human resources and time; get data efficiently.


  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Enhance client strategies by understanding market dynamics.
  • SEO Professionals: Monitor rankings, identify keyword opportunities, and improve SEO strategies.
  • E-commerce Brands: Understand product trends and monitor competitor product placements.
  • Researchers: Obtain data for academic or market research purposes.
  • News & Media Agencies: Stay updated with current topics and news trending on Google.



x-api-key required


Parameter defines the Piloterr private key to use.




Query to search.



Page number.



Parameter defines the Google domain to use. It defaults to ``. Head to the Google domains page for a full list of supported Google domains.

Example Request
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>' \
{ "search_parameters": { "q": "moteurimmo", "google_domain": "", "page": 1, "gl": "fr", "hl": "fr", "engine": "google" }, "organic_results": [ { "position": 1, "title": "Moteur'Immo - Moteur de recherche d'annonces immobilières ...", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "Recherchez un bien parmi de multiples plateformes immobilières et surveillez les nouvelles annonces qui correspondent à vos critères !" }, { "position": 2, "title": "Moteur'Immo – Applications sur Google Play", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "Moteur'Immo est un moteur de recherche d'annonces immobilières. Simple, intuitif et très rapide, il permet de croiser les annonces de 25 plateformes ..." }, { "position": 3, "title": "Moteur de recherche immobilier", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "Notre moteur immo regroupe toutes les annonces immobilières sur les 15 meilleurs sites web. Effectuez votre recherche immobilière en combinant 25 critères ..." }, { "position": 4, "title": "Agrégateur d'annonces immo : comparatif des moteurs de ...", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "26 juin 2023 — Aussi, pour 9€/mois ou 90€/an, Moteur Immo permet d'accéder à des critères supplémentaires, de consulter un plus grand nombre d'offres et de ..." }, { "position": 5, "title": "Moteur'Immo (@moteurimmo) / X", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "Moteur'Immo est un moteur de recherche immobilier. Intuitif et très rapide, il permet de croiser les annonces de nombreux portails immobiliers en France." }, { "position": 6, "title": "Moteur'Immo dans l'App Store - Apple", "link": "", "domain": "", "displayed_link": [], "snippet_matched": [], "snippet": "26 sept. 2021 — Moteur'Immo est un moteur de recherche d'annonces immobilières. Simple, intuitif et très rapide, il permet de croiser les annonces de 25 ..." } ], "pagination": { "current": 1, "other_pages": [ { "1": "" }, { "2": "" }, { "3": "" } ], "api_pagination": [ { "1": "" }, { "2": "" }, { "3": "" } ] }
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