Definition updated on November 2023

What is SOCKS5?

A SOCKS5 proxy protects traffic coming from a specific source, such as an application and is a safer choice than a traditional proxy. Data packets from the configured source are forwarded through a distant server when you use a SOCKS5 proxy. In order to increase online anonymity, this server modifies the IP address associated with the data packets before they arrive at their destination. Additionally, as IP addresses are linked to specific places, employing a SOCKS5 proxy as an online IP changer enables you to appear to be accessing the internet from a different location entirely. The most recent optimized version of the internet protocol SOCKS, which routes web traffic through a distant server, is called SOCKS5. The SOCKS5 protocol improves on earlier iterations of the SOCKS proxy protocol in order to provide higher security through a variety of authentication techniques. This indicates that SOCKS5 proxy servers can only be accessed by authorized users.

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