IP-Based Restrictions with Requests-IP-Rotator

IP-Based Restrictions with Requests-IP-Rotator
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In the digital age, accessing data across the web has become paramount for businesses and individuals alike. However, web scraping and brute forcing often hit a significant roadblock: IP-based rate limits. Enter Requests-IP-Rotator, a Python library that leverages AWS API Gateway's vast IP pool to circumvent these restrictions, opening a realm of possibilities for data enthusiasts and cybersecurity experts.

What is Requests-IP-Rotator?

Requests-IP-Rotator is an ingenious solution that uses AWS API Gateway as a proxy to generate a seemingly infinite number of IPs for web scraping and brute-forcing endeavors. This tool can randomize requests' IP addresses, helping users bypass IP-based rate-limits on various sites and services effectively.

How Does It Work?

AWS API Gateway acts as a middleman, sending requests from any available IP within AWS's extensive infrastructure. This variability almost guarantees a different IP for each request. While AWS sends specific headers with each request (like "X-Amzn-Trace-Id"), making them identifiable, the vast pool of IPs offers a significant advantage in anonymizing requests.

Getting Started with Requests-IP-Rotator


Requests-IP-Rotator is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip:

pip3 install requests-ip-rotator

Simple Usage

To use Requests-IP-Rotator, initialize an `ApiGateway` object with the target site, start the gateway, and mount it to a `requests.Session`:

import requests
from requests_ip_rotator import ApiGateway

gateway = ApiGateway("https://site.com")

session = requests.Session()
session.mount("https://site.com", gateway)

response = session.get("https://site.com/index.php", params={"theme": "light"})


Key Features

  • Stealthy Browsing : It employs various techniques to hide its bot nature from websites, enhancing stealth.
  • Captcha Solving : Requests-IP-Rotator can solve a wide variety of Captchas using AI and other methods, reducing the need for Captcha solving APIs.
  • Cost-Effective : The first million requests per region are free with AWS API Gateway, making it cost-effective for most use cases.

AWS Authentication

It is recommended to setup authentication via environment variables. With awscli, you can run aws configure to do this, or alternatively, you can simply set the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY variables yourself.


Requests-IP-Rotator stands as a testament to the innovative use of cloud services to overcome web scraping and brute-forcing challenges. By harnessing AWS's infrastructure, it provides an invaluable tool for data extraction and cybersecurity practices, ensuring access to web resources is as unrestricted and efficient as possible.