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Leboncoin Search

Search classified ads on Leboncoin, France's leading ad platform.
November 18, 2023
k requests


x-api-key required


Parameter defines the Piloterr private key to use.




Leboncoin Search URL

Example Request
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>' \
{ "total": 8830, "total_all": 8830, "total_pro": 7060, "total_private": 1770, "total_active": 0, "total_inactive": 0, "total_shippable": 0, "max_pages": 100, "ads": [ { "ad_type": "offer", "attributes": [ { "key": "rating_score", "value": "1", "values": [ "1" ], "value_label": "1", "generic": false }, { "key": "rating_count", "value": "19", "values": [ "19" ], "value_label": "19", "generic": false }, { "key": "profile_picture_url", "value": "", "values": [ "" ], "value_label": "", "generic": false }, { "key": "real_estate_type", "value": "4", "values": [ "4" ], "key_label": "Type de bien", "value_label": "Parking", "generic": true }, { "key": "square", "value": "15", "values": [ "15" ], "key_label": "Surface", "value_label": "15 m²", "generic": true }, { "key": "rooms", "value": "1", "values": [ "1" ], "key_label": "Pièces", "value_label": "1", "generic": true }, { "key": "energy_rate", "value": "a", "values": [ "a" ], "key_label": "Classe énergie", "value_label": "A", "generic": true }, { "key": "ges", "value": "a", "values": [ "a" ], "key_label": "GES", "value_label": "A", "generic": true }, { "key": "nb_parkings", "value": "1", "values": [ "1" ], "key_label": "Places de parking", "value_label": "1", "generic": true }, { "key": "district_id", "value": "75109", "values": [ "75109" ], "value_label": "75109", "generic": false }, { "key": "district_visibility", "value": "false", "values": [ "false" ], "value_label": "false", "generic": false }, { "key": "district_type_id", "value": "3", "values": [ "3" ], "value_label": "3", "generic": false }, { "key": "district_resolution_type", "value": "integration", "values": [ "integration" ], "value_label": "integration", "generic": false }, { "key": "immo_sell_type", "value": "old", "values": [ "old" ], "value_label": "old", "generic": false }, { "key": "is_import", "value": "false", "values": [ "false" ], "value_label": "false", "generic": false }, { "key": "lease_type", "value": "sell", "values": [ "sell" ], "value_label": "sell", "generic": false }, { "key": "old_price", "value": "31000", "values": [ "31000" ], "value_label": "31000", "generic": false } ], "body": "", "category_id": "9", "category_name": "Ventes immobilières", "first_publication_date": "2023-04-20 21:48:31", "has_phone": false, "images": { "thumb_url": "", "small_url": "", "nb_images": 1, "urls": [ "" ], "urls_thumb": [ "" ], "urls_large": [ "" ] }, "index_date": "2023-04-20 21:48:31", "list_id": 2179560719, "location": { "country_id": "FR", "region_id": "12", "region_name": "Ile-de-France", "department_id": "75", "department_name": "Paris", "city_label": "Paris 75009 9e Arrondissement", "city": "Paris", "zipcode": "75009", "lat": 48.87115, "lng": 2.33207, "source": "city", "provider": "here", "is_shape": true, "feature": { "type": "Feature", "geometry": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ 2.33207, 48.87115 ] }, "properties": null } }, "options": { "has_option": false, "booster": false, "photosup": false, "urgent": false, "gallery": false, "sub_toplist": false }, "owner": { "store_id": "14589713", "user_id": "1988e0d2-9857-4270-80a3-16bee1703849", "type": "private", "name": "Dan", "no_salesmen": true, "activity_sector": "" }, "price": [ 30500 ], "price_cents": 3050000, "price_calendar": null, "status": "active", "subject": "Parking Galeries Lafayette", "url": "" }]
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In today's data-driven world, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become a vital tool for developers, offering seamless integration of different software components. A notable example in this regard is the Leboncoin Search API provided by Piloterr, designed to tap into the extensive database of France's leading classified ad platform, Leboncoin.

Leboncoin Search API

With a vast array of categories ranging from real estate to personal items, Leboncoin caters to a diverse audience. Recognizing the potential of this extensive database, Piloterr has developed an API that allows developers to access and search through Leboncoin's classified ads efficiently.

Features of the API

  • Ease of Access: The API is straightforward to use, requiring only an API key for authentication.
  • Rich Parameters: It offers a range of parameters, including query strings and various search criteria, enabling users to tailor their search to specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Data: The response from the API includes detailed information on each ad, such as type, attributes, location, pricing, and more.
  • Customization and Support: Piloterr offers customization options for the API and robust documentation to assist developers in integrating and using the API effectively.

Potential Applications

The Leboncoin Search API can be instrumental for various applications:

  1. Real Estate Platforms: By integrating this API, real estate platforms can provide users with a wider range of property listings.
  2. Market Analysis: Businesses can analyze market trends and consumer preferences based on classified ad data.
  3. Personalized Ad Services: Developers can create personalized ad viewing experiences for users based on their search preferences and history.

Pricing and Availability

Piloterr offers a flexible pricing model for the Leboncoin Search API, with a free trial available to test the service. This allows developers to assess the API's capabilities before committing to a subscription.


The Leboncoin Search API by Piloterr represents a significant advancement in the world of web scraping and data utilization. By providing easy access to a vast database of classified ads, it opens up new opportunities for developers and businesses to leverage web data for various innovative applications. With its comprehensive features, custom request options, and robust documentation, the Leboncoin Search API is a valuable tool in the developer's toolkit.

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