Botright : Open-Source Automation Framework

Botright : Open-Source Automation Framework
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In the realm of web automation and data scraping, staying under the radar while efficiently navigating through captchas and browser detection mechanisms is paramount. Botright emerges as a beacon of innovation in this space, offering a comprehensive, undetectable, and open-source automation framework that promises to revolutionize how we approach web automation tasks. This article delves into the core of Botright, exploring its capabilities, usage, and the technology it leverages to offer seamless integration with existing playwright code.

Introduction to Botright

Botright is a cutting-edge framework generated from the insightful minds at Vinyzu, building on the robust foundations of Playwright. It stands out by offering an advanced undetected, fingerprint-changing, and captcha-solving toolkit, all while maintaining ease of use and extendibility for developers. Botright's primary mission is to automate web interactions seamlessly, without being flagged by anti-bot measures employed by modern web services.

Key Features

  • Stealthy Automation : Botright employs a multitude of techniques to conceal its operation from websites, ensuring that your automation tasks go unnoticed.
  • Integrated Captcha Solving : Leveraging AI and other innovative methods, Botright can solve a wide array of captchas, reducing dependency on external captcha solving services.
  • Browser Fingerprint Manipulation : It uses chrome-fingerprints to create a believable browser identity, tricking websites into treating the automated browser as a legitimate user.
  • Seamless Playwright Integration : Botright is designed to work in tandem with your existing Playwright code, requiring only minimal adjustments to your browser initialization process.

Getting Started with Botright

Botright simplifies the process of setting up a stealthy automation environment. Installation is straightforward, requiring Python and the package installation via pip, followed by Playwright installation:

pip install botright
playwright install

Example Usage

Botright shines in its simplicity and ease of integration. Here's a quick start example to demonstrate its usage:

import asyncio
import botright

async def main():
    botright_client = await botright.Botright()
    browser = await botright_client.new_browser()
    page = await browser.new_page()

    await page.goto("")
    await botright_client.close()

if __name__ == "__main__":

This snippet illustrates the ease with which you can initiate a browser session that's configured to evade detection and automate tasks effectively.

Captcha Solving Capabilities

One of the standout features of Botright is its integrated captcha solving functionality. It supports various captcha types, including hCaptcha, reCaptcha, and more, with high success rates. This feature is pivotal for automating tasks on websites that employ captcha challenges as a means of bot detection.


Botright represents a significant leap forward in the domain of web automation, offering developers and automation enthusiasts a powerful tool to navigate the increasingly complex web environment. Its ability to remain undetected, combined with its captcha solving prowess, positions Botright as a must-have in any developer's toolkit. Whether you're involved in data scraping, automated testing, or any other form of web automation, Botright provides a robust framework to achieve your objectives efficiently and stealthily.