5 Scraping Tools on Leboncoin in 2024 [No Code and Dev]

5 Scraping Tools on Leboncoin in 2024 [No Code and Dev]

In 2024, web scraping has taken a predominant place in the digital strategy of both companies and individuals. These techniques, which involve extracting data from websites, are particularly crucial for platforms like Leboncoin, where information is constantly updated. This article explores the top five tools suited for Leboncoin scraper, offering insights for both experienced developers and users without coding skills. We will also address the legality of these practices in France, in accordance with the intellectual property code.

1. Piloterr

Piloterr has established itself as a major player in scraping in France since its inception in 2022. The company has developed a series of robust APIs that facilitate web data scraping, even for those unfamiliar with programming, as they offer no-code solutions via Zapier.

Piloterr website : leboncoin scraper

Features and Functionality

  1. Developer: Piloterr's APIs allow retrieving all data from Leboncoin, from simple listings to more complex information like DPE and GES.
  2. Documentation: For developers, Piloterr provides comprehensive documentation, making it easier to integrate and use their tools in various projects.
  3. Pricing: With 1,000 free requests to test the API, Piloterr is advantageously positioned. Their paid plans start at €45 per month for 20 000 requests (30 ads per request), it's a competitive price in 2024.

Advantages and Usage

  1. Speed: Piloterr enables the retrieval of tens of thousands of listings quickly, a significant asset for real-time market analysis.
  2. Support for Enterprises: The Piloterr team offers personalized support, especially for medium and large enterprises, in their data extraction endeavors from sites like Leboncoin, SeLoger, LaCentrale, etc.

2. Leboncoin Discord Bot

Developed by Piloterr team, this Leboncoin scraper bot on the Discord platform is an innovative tool that extends the possibilities of monitoring listings on Leboncoin.

Leboncoin Discord Bot by piloterr

  Operation and Installation

  • Integration with Discord: This tool can be easily installed on a Discord server, allowing users to follow Leboncoin's small ads directly from a dedicated channel.
  • Support: Piloterr provides active support for setting up the bot on Discord and in case of updates, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  Advantages for Non-Developers

  • Simplicity: The bot is designed for those who do not possess software development skills, making scraping accessible to a wider audience.
  • Real-time Listings: Listings are retrieved in real time, ensuring users do not miss any relevant ads.


  • Cost: The price of this tool starts at €249 per month, reflecting its ability to provide real-time data and its accessibility to non-developers. You can contact Piloterr for this product.

3. Lobstr.io

Lobstr.io is a French company created in 2019. The tool offers two options: use an existing scraper in their store or request to develop a custom scraper.

Lobstr.io website

The scraper retrieves 55 attributes for each listing. 15 minutes of free extraction per day, with paid plans starting from €20. However, the usage price is very high. The possibility to set regular launches and receive data automatically by email, on an S3 bucket, or on a Google Sheet.

4. Apify

Based in the Czech Republic and founded in 2015, Apify positions itself as a versatile platform for developers.

Apify website

The platform allows third-party developers to deploy public scrapers. The user interface can be confusing for non-technical users. The collection is slow and incomplete, with only 4 listings collected in 10 minutes. The console displays error messages during execution. The pricing is confusing, with a free 3-day trial and monthly costs of 30 USD plus fees related to the volume of collection.

5. Axiom.ai

Axiom.ai, a German company founded in 2019 and backed by Y Combinator, offers an innovative scraping solution via a Chrome add-on.


They have developed a Chrome add-on that allows creating automations directly from the browser. The interface is smooth and easy to use, but selecting elements to retrieve can be imprecise without in-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML. Competitive pricing with a lifetime free 2-hour trial, followed by 15 USD per month for 5 hours of monthly collection. Allows the construction of complex action chains. Offers the possibility to observe the robot's behavior live, but does not work with anti-bot protections like DataDome.

Legality of Web Scraping on Leboncoin

In a landmark ruling on February 18, 2021, the Paris Court of Appeal imposed a 50,000 EUR fine on the website entreparticuliers.com for its systematic and exhaustive data collection from Leboncoin’s real estate listings and subsequent publication on its own website. This ruling raises an important question:

Is web scraping on Leboncoin still legal in 2024?

Terms and Conditions on Leboncoin:

Firstly, it's crucial to examine Leboncoin's own guidelines. The site’s Terms of Use explicitly prohibit the use of robots, including spiders, for retrieving or indexing any part of the site’s content, unless expressly authorized by LBC France.

French Law Prevails:

While individual sites can set their own rules in their terms of use, these are ultimately subordinate to French law. According to French intellectual property law, specifically Article L342-3, the legal landscape is clear: if a database is publicly available, the rights holder cannot forbid the extraction or reuse of a non-substantial, qualitatively or quantitatively assessed, part of the content by someone who has lawful access to it. This implies that web scraping on Leboncoin, when done correctly, is entirely legal.

Conditions for Legal Scraping:

The legality is contingent upon certain conditions:

  • The data must be public.
  • Access must be lawful.
  • Only a non-substantial part of the data can be collected.

Case Study

Entreparticuliers.com: This case highlights that their wrongdoing was in the 'substantial' collection, meaning a systematic and exclusive collection of all real estate listings, and directly competing with Leboncoin. This was aggravated by the fact that the majority of entreparticuliers.com's listings originated from Leboncoin, indicating economic parasitism and direct competition.

Implications of the Ruling: This case underscores that it’s not just scraping that’s sanctioned but its application. Using scraped data for direct competition, especially when it constitutes a substantial part of the original database, is illegal. In contrast, scraping for indirect competition or different services may not fall under this ruling.

Practical Examples: Consider two hypothetical websites, Dada.com and Baba.com, both offering second-hand vehicle listings, and a third site, Dada.com, providing vehicle valuation based on various criteria. Scraping Dada.com’s data for use on Baba.com would likely be illegal due to direct competition and substantial data collection. However, Dada.com might legally scrape the same data for a different service, provided it does not directly compete with Dada.com.

In summary, web scraping on Leboncoin in France is legal in 2024, provided the data is publicly accessible, the scraping is not substantial, or if substantial, it is not used for direct competition. The nuances in application are key to understanding and complying with the law.


In conclusion, choosing the right scraping tool largely depends on the specific needs of the user and their level of technical expertise. Piloterr stands out as the best functional tool for scraping on Leboncoin in 2024, offering a robust solution for both developers and businesses. The Leboncoin bot on Discord is ideal for non-developers, while Lobstr.io and Axiom.ai offer more customizable options but with certain limitations (technical and price). Apify, although useful for developers, may present challenges for non-technical users.