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Crunchbase Fundings Round

Track a company's funding history and financial milestones on Crunchbase.
November 18, 2023
k requests


x-api-key required


Parameter defines the Piloterr private key to use.




Parameter defines the number of days since the announcement of the funding round : `1` to `360` days. Default value is `1`.



Parameter defines the type of the investment : `pre_seed`, `seed`, `series_a`, `series_b`, `series_c`, `series_d`, `series_e`, `series_f`, `series_g`, `series_h`, `series_i`, `series_j`, `series_unknown`, `angel`, `private_equity`, `debt_financing`, `convertible_note`, `grant`, `corporate_round`, `equity_crowdfunding`, `product_crowdfunding`, `secondary_market`, `post_ipo_equity`, `post_ipo_debt`, `post_ipo_secondary`, `non_equity_assistance`, `initial_coin_offering`, `undisclosed`.



Parameter defines the UUID of the investor.

Example Request
curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <token>' \
{ "total": 768, "results": [ { "uuid": "904ada2b-accb-4077-a1b4-8c0bb13ad555", "announced_on": "2023-06-13", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 113388724, "currency": "EUR", "value": 105000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "mistral-ai-seed--904ada2b", "image_id": "fprzixdyu3vdq4am8wlh", "uuid": "904ada2b-accb-4077-a1b4-8c0bb13ad555", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Mistral AI" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "mistral-ai", "role": "investee", "image_id": "fprzixdyu3vdq4am8wlh", "uuid": "00e32424-3cc3-4798-8361-78914c212fb0", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Mistral AI" } }, { "uuid": "35b6a809-7dbf-418d-8f85-97e28795762b", "announced_on": "2023-06-06", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 19000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 19000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "meanwhile-3fc0-seed--35b6a809", "image_id": "mwib6vncrkeg9wyskwbe", "uuid": "35b6a809-7dbf-418d-8f85-97e28795762b", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Meanwhile" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "meanwhile-3fc0", "role": "investee", "image_id": "mwib6vncrkeg9wyskwbe", "uuid": "a895c1e5-9fa4-49ae-a2fb-0e8d0b923fc0", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Meanwhile" } }, { "uuid": "0b3b90f1-63e0-438f-bd57-3012753d0662", "announced_on": "2023-06-07", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 14400000, "currency": "USD", "value": 14400000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "payrails-seed--0b3b90f1", "image_id": "kdn0aapzmiyiheuhjzqq", "uuid": "0b3b90f1-63e0-438f-bd57-3012753d0662", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Payrails" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "payrails", "role": "investee", "image_id": "kdn0aapzmiyiheuhjzqq", "uuid": "2b50dc70-e24e-46bd-ae62-d4c5d169d96b", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Payrails" } }, { "uuid": "59de671b-bb37-414f-8fcd-500b95bbbdc5", "announced_on": "2023-06-09", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 3650000, "currency": "USD", "value": 3650000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "termii-networks-seed--59de671b", "image_id": "kbqf1muffdz6y2werkxp", "uuid": "59de671b-bb37-414f-8fcd-500b95bbbdc5", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Termii" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "termii-networks", "role": "investee", "image_id": "kbqf1muffdz6y2werkxp", "uuid": "1f07e865-4ce8-2275-6698-1f73ec946872", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Termii" } }, { "uuid": "c340e567-8889-4427-9f8d-92027adf8679", "announced_on": "2023-06-06", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 10000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 10000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "argus-labs-f4d7-seed--c340e567", "image_id": "qdhllw4o84cpahrfdakm", "uuid": "c340e567-8889-4427-9f8d-92027adf8679", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Argus Labs" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "argus-labs-f4d7", "role": "investee", "image_id": "qdhllw4o84cpahrfdakm", "uuid": "a86febca-30f5-4d13-8e63-edcd93d1f4d7", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Argus Labs" } }, { "uuid": "3d23d5b5-f086-48fa-9df8-8b51927b234b", "announced_on": "2023-05-31", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 9000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 9000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "realta-fusion-seed--3d23d5b5", "image_id": "u8gcha7uwble2wz4ifvd", "uuid": "3d23d5b5-f086-48fa-9df8-8b51927b234b", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Realta Fusion" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "realta-fusion", "role": "investee", "image_id": "u8gcha7uwble2wz4ifvd", "uuid": "011eadfb-e22a-4eca-9829-fb5a3ec1ea25", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Realta Fusion" } }, { "uuid": "ae910292-288c-4e47-8c56-5b2bcf7105b3", "announced_on": "2023-06-07", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 20000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 20000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "contextual-ai-seed--ae910292", "image_id": "blwywtqgkzbuavkvfjy3", "uuid": "ae910292-288c-4e47-8c56-5b2bcf7105b3", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Contextual AI" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "contextual-ai", "role": "investee", "image_id": "blwywtqgkzbuavkvfjy3", "uuid": "00aeb1c7-5343-4908-a7c4-e6b3b472a2f7", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Contextual AI" } }, { "uuid": "0dd4f54e-caf2-46da-bce0-82fdbedc28e9", "announced_on": "2023-06-06", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 2674368, "currency": "EUR", "value": 2500000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "elba-fc93-seed--0dd4f54e", "image_id": "aophcrhutqljeyjzghjp", "uuid": "0dd4f54e-caf2-46da-bce0-82fdbedc28e9", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - elba" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "elba-fc93", "role": "investee", "image_id": "aophcrhutqljeyjzghjp", "uuid": "eafb4c05-3470-4f8c-a642-3200decafc93", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "elba" } }, { "uuid": "d9bb0644-9e35-4d61-b1cd-753d288586e9", "announced_on": "2023-06-06", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 3851091, "currency": "EUR", "value": 3600000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "escape-b74e-seed--d9bb0644", "image_id": "ihynb3lawmgzbvs5gzke", "uuid": "d9bb0644-9e35-4d61-b1cd-753d288586e9", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Escape" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "escape-b74e", "role": "investee", "image_id": "ihynb3lawmgzbvs5gzke", "uuid": "6ceea626-e866-44c7-992a-7c7b715fb74e", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Escape" } }, { "uuid": "18a33dda-e530-4b7d-87a7-b009f4b69e85", "announced_on": "2023-05-31", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 5649167, "currency": "INR", "value": 467000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "newtrace-seed--18a33dda", "image_id": "urqbrwlgtc9bqfvy8re8", "uuid": "18a33dda-e530-4b7d-87a7-b009f4b69e85", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Newtrace" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "newtrace", "role": "investee", "image_id": "urqbrwlgtc9bqfvy8re8", "uuid": "ffd0505b-9200-4347-9050-2ceac1ba76b0", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Newtrace" } }, { "uuid": "ff0cc0a4-117f-4063-919c-65ccdb382ae0", "announced_on": "2023-06-08", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 15000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 15000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "lens-protocol-seed--ff0cc0a4", "image_id": "ewu4e1aa8agfntz9hruj", "uuid": "ff0cc0a4-117f-4063-919c-65ccdb382ae0", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Lens Protocol" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "lens-protocol", "role": "investee", "image_id": "ewu4e1aa8agfntz9hruj", "uuid": "b33c11b0-0c49-47a4-89a8-7efc70c56eba", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Lens Protocol" } }, { "uuid": "8b567106-f9f5-47a3-a4a9-e305cba6ed49", "announced_on": "2023-06-15", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 3245660, "currency": "EUR", "value": 3000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "trezy-seed--8b567106", "image_id": "wthdlvlsbennc42cuxkl", "uuid": "8b567106-f9f5-47a3-a4a9-e305cba6ed49", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Trezy" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "trezy", "role": "investee", "image_id": "wthdlvlsbennc42cuxkl", "uuid": "c87a41e5-e6f3-4884-bef5-66e98c688d87", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Trezy" } }, { "uuid": "6bc5ced9-90ba-4317-b42e-288beb01b7a3", "announced_on": "2023-06-14", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 1594975, "currency": "INR", "value": 131000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "taxnodes-seed--6bc5ced9", "image_id": "o6qamio8g3xjyvp4fgrg", "uuid": "6bc5ced9-90ba-4317-b42e-288beb01b7a3", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - TaxNodes" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "taxnodes", "role": "investee", "image_id": "o6qamio8g3xjyvp4fgrg", "uuid": "7f22a2d2-296b-44c4-a550-b65ae845e361", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "TaxNodes" } }, { "uuid": "06490d29-a799-4b7a-8325-3004b4469963", "announced_on": "2023-06-08", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 3000000, "currency": "USD", "value": 3000000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "haul247-seed--06490d29", "image_id": "mrfgvf0ptyqbqbd3pups", "uuid": "06490d29-a799-4b7a-8325-3004b4469963", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - Haul247" }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "haul247", "role": "investee", "image_id": "mrfgvf0ptyqbqbd3pups", "uuid": "b1b29e49-34be-47a9-a902-70e04b08c382", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "Haul247" } }, { "uuid": "65417071-f41a-4bdc-8f4a-e19c5f57f6b4", "announced_on": "2023-06-12", "money_raised": { "value_usd": 3147358, "currency": "GBP", "value": 2500000 }, "investment_type": "seed", "identifier": { "permalink": "tem-9f9a-seed--65417071", "image_id": "kgglsxrbuuapi9mxvvef", "uuid": "65417071-f41a-4bdc-8f4a-e19c5f57f6b4", "entity_def_id": "funding_round", "value": "Seed Round - tem." }, "funded_organization_identifier": { "permalink": "tem-9f9a", "role": "investee", "image_id": "kgglsxrbuuapi9mxvvef", "uuid": "191b6edf-92e8-4941-bf65-e1d356709f9a", "entity_def_id": "organization", "value": "tem." } } ]
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Crunchbase Funding Rounds API enables users to extract comprehensive funding round details of companies from Crunchbase. Leveraging the API, developers and businesses can obtain insights on various funding rounds, ranging from pre-seed to undisclosed types. This API provides detailed access to funding round data, including the type of investment, date of announcement, total money raised, and various identifiers related to the funding and funded organization.


  • Investment Analysis : Investment firms and venture capitalists can utilize this API to gauge investment trends, analyze funding stages, and identify potential investment opportunities.
  • Market Research : Market researchers and analysts can fetch historical and recent funding data to understand the investment landscape in specific industries or regions.
  • Competitor Tracking : Startups and established businesses can monitor competitors' funding rounds to understand their financial backing, and strategize accordingly.
  • Journalism and Reporting : Financial journalists can use this data to create timely and accurate reports on company funding, investment patterns, and industry dynamics.


  • Real-Time Access : Stay updated with the latest funding announcements. Query the API for funding rounds as recent as 1 day ago or up to 360 days.
  • Customized Queries : Tailor your requests by specifying parameters like investment type, investor UUID, days since the announcement, and more, to obtain the most relevant information.
  • Comprehensive Insights : From the unique identifier of the funding round to detailed data on the money raised, get access to in-depth insights into various aspects of funding rounds.
  • Integration Ready : Easily integrate the Crunchbase Funding Rounds API into your applications, websites, or tools to automate and enhance data-driven decision-making.

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