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Definition updated on July 2023



What is Goutte?

Goutte is a PHP library for web crawling and screen scraping. Goutte offers a great API for web crawling and data extraction from HTML/XML answers. Life is easier with Goutte. With Goutte, you may directly scrape data from the web inside of your PHP script rather than relying on Node.js or Python scripts to do so and then display it on the front-end by giving it to a PHP script. Passing scraped data to the front end doesn't dramatically slow down page loading and doesn't consume a lot of RAM in the backend because Goutte is a small, lightweight web scraping library. The Goutte library offers APIs for web crawling and data scraping from HTML and XML answers. One of the most well-liked libraries for using PHP to send HTTP requests from web pages is cURL. A PHP package called HTTPful makes the HTTP format easier for programmers to understand.

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