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Definition updated on July 2023


Dashboard Creation

What is dashboard creation?

The process of designing and creating a dashboard is referred to as dashboard creation. A dashboard allows users to monitor, analyze, and make decisions based on the displayed information by providing a visual representation of numerous sorts of metrics and data in one location. It offers a consolidated picture of significant data components pertinent to a certain subject or environment. On a dashboard, information is frequently divided into panels so that end users can quickly get the information they require by selecting a particular panel. Users typically use them to quickly monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to decide for their organization based on data. Before beginning the dashboard-creating process, it is essential to create a plan. An organized strategy makes sure that the finished product is effective, efficient, and catered to the needs of its users. To create a dashboard, follow these steps: deciding on the audience, defining the metrics and KPIs to monitor, choosing the data sources, designing the layout and visualizations, and establishing a plan for updates and maintenance. It is crucial to choose the visuals and design components that best convey the data and advance the dashboard's stated objectives.

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