Batch Processing

Definition updated on November 2023

What is batch processing?

To frequently complete high-volume, repetitive data tasks, computers use batch processing. Due to the processing of individual data transactions, some data processing operations, such as backups, filtering, and sorting, may be computationally expensive and inefficient. Data systems, on the other hand, process these activities in batches, frequently during off-peak hours when computing resources are more readily available, as at the end of the day or throughout the course of the night. Take an e-commerce system as an illustration, which receives orders all day long. The system might gather all orders at the end of each day and give them to the order fulfillment team in one batch rather than processing each order as it comes in. Batch processing is used by businesses because it reduces the need for direct human interaction and boosts the productivity of routine operations. In order to reduce the strain on your systems, you can schedule batches of jobs containing millions of records to be processed simultaneously.

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