Unsupervised Learning

Definition updated on November 2023

What is Unsupervised Learning?

Unsupervised learning, also known as unsupervised machine learning, uses machine learning algorithms to examine and categorize unlabeled datasets. Without human assistance, these algorithms find data clusters or hidden patterns. It is the appropriate solution for exploratory data analysis, cross-selling techniques, consumer segmentation, and image identification due to its capacity to find similarities and differences in information. It can perceive things that the human mind cannot. An unsupervised task's results might lead to the creation of a brand-new industry or enterprise. Compared to the supervised learning task, it is less complex. Since no one must interpret the labels in this case, there are less complications. Unlabeled data can be obtained rather easily. It is more expensive since it can need human assistance to comprehend the patterns and connect them to the domain knowledge.

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