Data Stewardship

Definition updated on November 2023

What is data stewardship?

Making organizational data accessible, consistent, useable, and safe is the main goal of data stewardship. Data stewardship is the application of these principles to assure compliance and enhance data quality so that business users can make better decisions. Data governance is concerned with setting policies and practices. Data stewardship makes sure users within the organization have access to the data they require in usable formats. It includes all phases of the data lifecycle, including data collection, transformation, use, storing, archiving, and deletion. Data management increases data quality by streamlining procedures and coordinating users to foster confidence and trust in the data. Establishes connections between users from different parts of the organization so they may collaborate on defining data, creating a context for data, posing queries, and establishing roles and data owners. Offers improved access and quality data analytics that are efficient and effective.

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