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Definition updated on July 2023


Data Governance

What are data governance frameworks?

An organization's data collection, organization, storage, and use are governed by a framework for data governance, which consists of a set of procedures, rules, and roles. A data governance framework's objective is to establish guidelines for how data should be managed (to ensure its integrity), used by internal teams, and safeguarded from security issues. Companies cannot guarantee data quality or compliance with privacy laws without a data governance framework in place. This makes it possible to manage client data improperly, which could get you into legal trouble and result in costly fines and reputational harm. You can clearly see how to coordinate your data governance initiatives. A control and visibility strategy for your entire data estate is in place. Transparency gets ingrained in your data management process. Monitoring your data use or consumption is effective since it adheres to the plan. Additionally, a framework provides a solid structure for regulatory compliance practices.

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