Data Backup

Definition updated on November 2023

What is data backup and recovery?

The practice of making and keeping copies of data that can be used to safeguard organizations against data loss is referred to as backup and recovery. Operational recovery is a term that has been used to describe this. The process of recovering data from a backup usually entails moving the data back to its original location or to another location where it can be utilized to replace lost or damaged data. A reliable backup copy of the primary data should always be kept in a different system or medium, such as tape, to protect against the possibility of data loss due to primary hardware or software failure. The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of the data for recovery in the case of primary data loss. Primary data failures can result from hardware or software problems, data corruption, or human error such as a malicious attack (virus or malware), data deletion accident, or other event that was brought on by people. Data can be restored to a previous point in time with the use of backup copies, which can help a business recover from unanticipated destruction.

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