LinkedIn Limits for Outreach

LinkedIn Limits for Outreach

LinkedIn, as a platform for professional networking and lead generation, imposes various limits on user actions to maintain a quality experience. These limits vary based on the type of account: free, Premium (including LinkedIn Career, Business, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter), or Sales Navigator specifically.

Key LinkedIn limits for different account types

  • Free Profiles:
    • Connection invites: 100/week
    • Direct messages: 100/week
    • Profile views: 80/day
  • Premium Profiles:
    • Connection invites: 150+/week
    • Direct messages: 150/week
    • InMails: Up to 1000/day
    • Profile views: Up to 1000/day
  • Sales Navigator:
    • Connection invites: 150-250/week
    • Direct messages: 150/week
    • Profile views: 150/day or 1000 Sales Navigator profile views/day

Important considerations

  • You're capped at 30,000 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn, with options to remove connections to add more.
  • Daily connection requests should align with the weekly limits, aiming for a sustainable pace of outreach.
  • There are no official limits on messages to 1st-degree connections, but moderation is key.
  • InMails are a premium feature allowing messages to non-connections, with specific weekly limits based on the account type.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Outreach

  1. Use LinkedIn Automation Tools Wisely: Use LinkedIn Automation Tools Wisely: Choose tools like La Growth Machine, PhantomBuster, Captaindata, LinkedInHelper that provide guidance on rate limits.
  2. Spread Outreach Across Multiple Profiles: Manage several accounts to scale your efforts safely.
  3. Warm Up Your Account: Gradually increase your activity to avoid sudden spikes.
  4. Consider Upgrading to Sales Navigator: For higher limits and better targeting options.
  5. Improve Your Social Selling Index (SSI): Enhance your profile's effectiveness by engaging with your network and sharing valuable content.

Understanding LinkedIn's limits is crucial for effective networking and lead generation. With careful planning and the right tools, you can maximize your LinkedIn presence and achieve your outreach goals.