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Definition updated on July 2023


Puppeteer Extra

What is Puppeteer Extra?

A Node library called Puppeteer offers a high-level API for managing headless Chrome via the DevTools Protocol. This Chrome Node API, also called a Headless Chrome Node API, is helpful for automating Chrome browser website testing. Puppeteer is, at its core, an automation tool rather than a test tool. This merely indicates that it is quite well-liked for use cases like scraping, producing PDFs, etc. Puppeteer Extra are Community-built libraries that integrate a plugin system to improve playwright and puppeteer usage, respectively (adding more functionality, such as enhancing stealth, for example, by using the puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth plugin). Puppeteer utilizes the Chrome DevTools protocol. Both are employed while clicking. The following are the most notable features that Puppeteer supports: Website scraping, performance testing, and simple automation.

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