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Definition updated on July 2023


Data Replication

What is data replication?

Data replication is the technique of maintaining several copies of your critical data on other computers. In the case of an unanticipated disaster or data loss, it helps enterprises to maintain high data availability and accessibility at all times, allowing them to retrieve and restore data. There are numerous techniques to replicate data, including full replication, which enables users to maintain a copy of the complete database across several sites, and partial replication, which enables users to duplicate only a portion of the database to a certain location. Copies of the same data are made in a process called data replication and placed in various places. It is possible to transmit data to and from a cloud-based host, two on-premises hosts, hosts in different geographical regions, many storage devices on the same server, etc. Data can be transferred in batches or in bulk on a predetermined schedule, replicated in real-time as it is written to, edited, or deleted in the master source, or copied on demand.

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