Data Anonymization

Definition updated on November 2023

What is data anonymization?

Data anonymization is the process of obscuring or encrypting identifiers that link a specific person to stored data in order to protect private or sensitive information. Anonymized data can be useful for research endeavors as well as for observing privacy laws. However, it's crucial to remember that PII can take many different forms. It also includes items like IP address, biometrics, and phone number in addition to the more obvious ones like name, address, and social security number. Data is deemed anonymized if a user cannot be identified using any of this information. Data anonymity is crucial because, if done correctly, it cannot be used to legally identify somebody, even if hackers were to steal it. Because of this, it might be helpful in circumstances where you need to analyze a lot of data but also want to safeguard the privacy of the individuals involved.

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