Cloud Storage

Definition updated on November 2023

What are cloud storage providers?

A corporation that provides businesses and people with the option to store data in an off-site storage system is known as a cloud storage provider, sometimes known as a managed service provider. Customers can rent cloud storage space on a monthly or as-needed basis. Cloud storage providers manage capacity, security, and durability using a subscription-based business model to make data available to your apps via the Internet. For accessing the storage cloud often over the internet or a dedicated private connection, you use a web portal, website, or mobile app. Scalable, affordable storage is provided through cloud storage. Running out of capacity, maintaining storage area networks (SANs), replacing broken equipment, adding infrastructure to scale up with demand, or keeping underutilized gear operational as demand declines are no longer concerns. Cloud storage can be scaled up or down in response to demand because it is elastic, and you only pay for what you really use. It is a technique for businesses to safely store data online so that authorized users can access it whenever and from anywhere.

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